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Foppe di Nadro Area

Difficulty: low

Duration: 2 hours and half

The Foppe area, which can be reached from Nadro village (Ceto), where there are also the ticket office, the educational museum and the documentation centre.

Foppe di Nadro is marked by a very high concentration of engraved rocks, often of large dimensions and densely carved. The iconography of the whole area, particularly rich in quality and themes variety, has not been completely analysed yet, though over the years several studies have been published concerning single rocks or main subjects. In addition to the extraordinary Iron Age engravings it is worth to mention the frequency of the “praying figures” and, especially, the uncommon abundance of Copper Age petroglyphs (Remedellian type daggers, ploughing scenes with cattle, “topographic” compositions), being this latter a range of subjects usually quite rare on rock surface while typical of the coeval statue–steles phenomenon.
The visiting route, stretching in a ring path, allows the vision of about 23 engraved rocks among the 81 recorded up to now in the area. The most recommended ones, in order to have a basic comprehension of the peculiarities of the territory, are the R. 1, 6–7, 4, 22–23, 24, 36, 27–26 and 30.

Once left the Nadro Museum the first carved rocks on the route are met after about 10 minutes walking northward along the ancient cobbled road called in ancient times “Strada delle Aquane”.