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Recording Fieldwork

The reserve houses two rock art fieldworks organised by the Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici and Archaeological Cooperative Footsteps of Man.
The annual recording rock art fieldwork aims at the documentation of the rock art in the natural reserve. Following the previous recording rock art fieldworks, also this year the works will continue in the area of Foppe di Nadro and Paspardo.
Generally, the fieldworks takes place between late July and mid-August, they are open to students, researchers and enthusiasts.

For information:

Valcamonica Archaeology and Rock Art Fieldwork (Footsteps of Man)

The archaeological site is Paspardo and others areas in Valcamonica, where there are many engravings and situated in different places. The engravings are dated from the Neolithic to the Middle Age.


The project consists of different phases, some are made on the sites, some in the laboratory:

1) researches on the sites: surveys for finding new engraved rocks; analysis of the damages of the rock surfaces and conservation problems; drawing of the engravings with permanent pens on plastic sheets; photographs;
2) in laboratory: reduction of the drawings in scale size and catalogue of the engravings.
Participants usually come from different countries of the world, official languages are English and Italian. In Paspardo the accommodation is provided in houses with rooms, dormitories, showers and kitchen.
Who is interested in coming should stay for a session of seven days in minimum. There are vacancies for 25 volunteers
Useful Information
Italian – English – French – Spanish spoken
Paspardo (Valcamonica)
How to reach Paspardo: there are two ways, by bus or by train.

Work clothes and gloves, gym shoes, sleeping bag, solar cream and sun glasses, mountain clothes (Paspardo is 1000 m over the sea level). Please to take out insurance against illness and injury, because we decline any responsibility. If you can, please have an anti-tetanus vaccination. Minimum age is 16 years.

At the end of the course, on request, it will be possible to obtain a certificate of attendance.


Recording Rock-Art Fieldwork in Valcamonica (Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici)

In the wonderful framework of the Landmarks Valley, the Centro Camuno of Studi Preistorici organize the annual recording rock-art fieldwork aims at the documentation of the rock art in the middle Valcamonica. Following the previous recording rock art fieldworks, also this year the works will continue in the area of Foppe di Nadro – Riserva naturale incisioni rupestri di Ceto, Cimbergo e Paspardo (Valcamonica – Italy) on the concession of the Soprintendenza Archeologia , Belle arti e Paesaggio.

The fieldwork will be structured on 3 weeks, it is required the participation to at least 2 weeks.

In the first week, mandatory for who has not experience in the rock-art recording, the participant will learn the necessary competences to document rock-art:
• Identification of the rocks within the archaeological authorization and preparation of the rocky surfaces.
• Placing of the tracing sheets in nylon and recording.
• Use of the total station and georeferencing of the rocks.
• Archaeological photography of the engraved rocks.
• 3D recordings of rocks and engravings (SfM).
• Digitization of the tracings, processing and recomposition with computer in laboratory.
• Catalogue, analysis and comparisons with archaeological sources.
• Post-processing of the data gathered.
• Lezioni di approfondimento.

The second and third week will be dedicated to the work on the field, in laboratory.

Period: July – August
Available places: 20.
Participation: The first week is mandatory for who has no experience in the rock-art recording. The minimum participation is of two weeks.
Requirements: The fieldwork is addresses to everyone, priority will be given to students and graduates in archaeology or anthropology (or related fields).
Deadline: curriculm and participation form has to be send by June 2017 to:

Cost: 100 € plus the inscription to Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici (40 €).
Lodging in Va lcamonica: The lodging is at the “Guest house” of the Natural Reserve in Nadro with an agreed upon price of 10 € per night. The guest-house has a kitchen